Fez Squares

What does  Fez Squares mean? Why Fez Squares?

in Fes, the Squares are one of the lifeblood of the Medina. The Squares are the center of public life in the Fes Medina. It is where merchants sell their goods. It is where Fessis meet and mingle. The squares are also where the Medina’s young people spend their time, playing soccer, and joking with friends,

As the one place shared by all Fessis, we feel that those spaces have great potential as a cultural and social resource. Yet, no organization has attempted to use the squares in such ways. Each Riad and Foundck has a square that potential l could be used

The name Fez Square captures the central purpose of our project. To the many artists committed to this project, art is popular, art is something for residents of the city to use to express their beliefs and aspirations. We also believe that art is something that should be able to be an accessible experience. By bringing art to those squares, our organization will tap the previously artistic potential of Moroccan youth living in the medina. The growth of a vital and public creative community will also enrich an environment currently dominated by traditional crafts. We believe that contemporary arts are as crucial to Medina’s identity as traditional arts. Additionally, through these arts, Fez Square seeks to promote art as a vehicle to preserve the facet of Medina’s identity now and in the future.

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