Mobile Open-Air Collective Exhibition

This exhibition aims to highlight the power of art as a vehicle for positive change in a time of uncertainty. The idea to host the exhibition in publicly accessible spaces came as a response to the pandemic’s social distancing protocol, which resulted in a sharp fall in the participation of cultural activities. The artistic community has been particularly impacted during the pandemic, leaving little opportunity to engage with the public outside of virtual experiences. It was important to use the physical surroundings of this exhibition to prompt a full sensory human experience. With Fez and its medina being a cultural hub, we hope these installations create an artistic experience that continues to contribute to the rich cultural and intellectual rhythms of this city. The exhibition features local, national, and international artists to create opportunities for dialogue. 

Free and open to the public, the exhibition featured the works of 13 local and international artists including Mohamed Amine Houari, Benjamin Bēni, Fatima Zahra Rouas, Hamza El Baciri, Ismail El Aaddioui, Salma Marghich, Michela Fanara, Saad Benlabhili, Charlie Rbl, and Dean Smalley, Violeta Caldrés, Kamal Zeghari

This project is supported by the Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Foreign Office

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