Artist Exchange Programs

We believe art is a universal language that can bring people together and enhance human connection. Creating space to communicate and collaborate is essential in connecting those of different backgrounds. Our Artist Exchange Programs aim to foster a space to connect and network through art and acts as a global platform by inviting artists from all over the world to engage with the local community.

Exchanges consist of workshops, lectures, webinars, exhibitions, and residencies. To participate in our exchanges, please fill out our interest form here.

OUR NEXT EXCHANGE: Women’s Painting Exchange

This project will start February 20th. The deadline to apply is 17th.

Join us as we bring together women artists of Fez through the sharing of skills, stories, and backgrounds. Participants are invited to take part in a collaborative artwork that will focus on the diversity and beauty of being a woman. Women will have the opportunity to network with artists in Fez and learn entrepreneurial skills to highlight and feature their work.

Painting sessions will be on February 20th, February 27th and March 6th. The final art piece will be featured and shared on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

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